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Transforming government
— one form at a time

Formability is a modern digital form building and processing platform that simplifies public service.

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Build Forms

With Formability your agency can easily build forms, automate workflows, generate documents, manage high volumes of data, and connect with constituents — all on one centralized web application.


With its robust features suite, Formability is here to revolutionize the way your agency carries out public services. No more paper shuffling, less manual data entry, and more time to do good work for the people you serve.

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No code icon. No code platform

No need to wait for a development team to implement your forms and processes — Formability is an intuitive, no-code platform that anyone can use.

Cog rotating icon. Automated workflows

Speed up processing time by building automated workflows in-system — create digital approval processes complete with staff assignments, review check-points, fee collections, and more.

A magnifying glass on a folder icon. Records management

Collect, store, modify and update customer information with ease.

A paint brush over a document icon. Customized document builder

Create custom documents that are uniquely branded to your organization and dynamically populate with applicant information.

A pen signs a signature icon. Electronic signature

Submitters and admins have access to easy-to-use electronic signatures (e-signatures) so your team doesn’t have to waste time waiting for wet signatures.

A bell rings icon. Custom status and notifications

Create custom statuses and notifications to keep staff and submitters up-to-date and cut down on lengthy back-and-forth communication.

A donut graph with segments icon. In-system reporting & analytics

In-system reporting allows your agency to get a bird’s eye view of every step in your processes - spot inefficiencies, reduce bottlenecks, and progress towards a more perfect process.

A increasing bar chart with 508 icon. Increased accessibility

Formability is fully 508 and WCAG2 compliant to better serve every user.

Major Benefits

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Build better relationships with your constituents

Conduct easy and fast two-way communication with applicants and customers. Bring communication online and cut down on call wait times and in-person visits — strengthening constituent trust and boosting information flow.

Implement one centralized system

Our software has the tools to help agency teams build forms, customize documents, automate processing workflows, and easily connect with applicants and customers — all within one centralized system.

A conveyor belt takes input from Formability and outputs forms and other web resources.
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Increase productivity and efficiency

Automated workflows increase workplace efficiency and promote transparency. In-system reporting and analytics give you a bird’s eye view of your entire process to help you spot and repair bottlenecks. Finally, an intuitive user experience on a no-code platform means that agency administrators can get the work done without the help of a development team.

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